Elgin plans to update park facilities master plan and assess sports complex expansion – Chicago Tribune

The City of Elgin is hiring a company to update its Parks and Recreation Department Master Plan and do a market assessment of the sports complex.

“The 2011 Parks and Recreation Department Master Plan has served the city well, with many of the recommendations having been implemented over the past eleven years,” said City Manager Rick Kozal. “Recognizing the changes that have taken place in the city since then, an updated master plan will better guide the next decade of parks and recreation initiatives.

SmithGroup Inc. will update the plan and perform market valuation for approximately $200,000.

The company is the same organization that produced the 2011 master plan for the department. Elgin used that plan as a guide to develop eight new parks with six new playgrounds and to renovate other playground structures, officials said.

The consultants will develop an updated plan that will assess current facilities, identify community needs and establish “a vision for the exaction of parks and recreation improvements in the city in the years to come,” according to the documents. the city.

Like other cities and towns, the Elgin Parks and Recreation Department has noticed a shift in the community’s recreational priorities and a renewed desire to use the outdoors, officials said.

Market valuation is something the city has had to postpone for the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kozal said. Since then, the city has decided to expand the sports complex and uses artificial turf for additional ground.

SmithGroup will also review market conditions, industry trends, potential usage and demand, and identify potential partnership opportunities, according to city documents. The potential economic and tourism impact will also be assessed, officials said.

Community feedback will be part of the assessment conducted, Kozal said.

Gloria Casas is a freelance journalist for The Courier-News.

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