Despite supply chain issues, demand from truck drivers is “stronger than ever” – CBS Chicago


Chicago (CBS) –They call them LA traffic congestion in the Pacific sea lanes.

Freighters are stranded at sea because there are not enough truck drivers to unload goods from Asia.

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As CBS2’s Chris Tye reports, it will put pressure on National Holiday shopping, but it’s an opportunity for those willing to restart their careers behind the hilt of a big platform.

“I can’t really put my finger on the origin of the industry’s dark clouds. “

However, the clouds surrounding the trucking industry are increasing rapidly. Due to a shortage of truckers, freighters were piling up off the coast of California. Then I left the classroom for someone who was going to be a truck driver in Chicago.

“From the perspective of an industry that is short of drivers, demand is probably higher than ever. “

Vernon Cooper operates a progressive truck driving school in Lansing, a southern suburb. Classes here last 160 hours at a cost of $ 4,000. Starting salaries range from $ 60,000 to $ 80,000. And new trends show that 25% of students are women.

“By the end of October, you should be fine.”

Gia Burnett quit her job as a professional therapist and COVID knocked her down four hours a day. This middle-aged reboot created an entrepreneurial spirit.

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“I could challenge a business I could grow up with, buy my own truck and become an owner-operator. I was able to move on to step 1, ”said Burnett.

“We have a supply side. We send drivers into the industry for training and trucking. Then we get the equipment to meet the freight demand.

Nick Najjar is the Director of Transportation for Land O’Lakes. He also mentioned what is stuck in these freight carriers: truck equipment and engineering parts that are essential to the running of consumer production. All parts of the logistical headache can make shelves a bit thinner this holiday season.

But for Gia, workplace safety has never been better.

“Now I can work as many hours as I need,” Burnett said. “You don’t have to limit yourself to 4 hours.

When will this driver shortage end? The forecast at this point in last year was mid-2021. The new forecast is mid-2022 because it turned out to be wrong. But many are suspicious.

However, the demand for these drivers is increasing as salaries once reserved by industry vets are now paid to new drivers in the first year.

Someone at the Port of Los Angeles said it’s best to shop early on holidays. The lingering effects of this traffic jam could permeate the upcoming holiday season.

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Despite supply chain issues, demand from truck drivers is “stronger than ever” – CBS Chicago

Despite supply chain issues, demand from truck drivers is “stronger than ever” – CBS Chicago

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