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Marketing campaign not the answer to Chicago’s dwindling tourism – Chicago Tribune

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Chicago is so plan a new marketing campaign to encourage tourism. Planners say tourism has plummeted due to COVID-19. They expect us to believe it? Everyone knows that people don’t go to town because of crime. No one wants to risk being mugged, robbed or shot. Yet Lightfoot and company will do nothing to stop this criminal activity. What was she thinking during the riots when the police were told to just stay away and let the protesters continue to loot and commit arson?

Linda, Evergreen Park

I read on June 7 about a possible decrease in benefits due to low Medicare funding. Medicare was for the elderly to take care of their health with doctors. It was not a private insurance company, in case someone dies the remaining people get a benefit, that’s an add on. People with disabilities should have their health insurance taken care of through Medicare, but they should be on welfare because they are a person on welfare who has disabilities. People are exploiting medicare to pay for all these other benefits.

John, Forest Park

Listening to everyone Democratic television ads about Republicans don’t care about women’s health care about abortion. Then you don’t hear the Democrats worrying about the health care of the unborn baby.

Southtown Daily

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Bob, Frankfurt

Don’t worry, President Biden will save us. It will remove the 18 cents per gallon tax. Hey Joe, don’t open your shirt, your heart is gonna drop.

Jimbo, Chicago Heights

President Biden must don’t understand that he and his policies are driving high energy prices and limiting production. Biden is not just collapsing the US economy, but his short-sighted energy policies are limiting our ability to help Europe and helping Russia fund its war on Ukraine. Maybe he’s senile. We badly need a president, not a has-been politician.

Jack, oak forest

For years I have were aware of former President Trump’s narcissism, lies, lack of character and lack of qualification for the office of President. However, listening to the January 6 hearings really highlights just how stupid he is. For him to think that he could get away with illegally nullifying the election, replacing voters, etc., really shines a light on his mental fitness or ineptitude.

Joni, Palos Hills