Live Music Returns to Navy Pier with “Chicago Live Again”


Chicago – – Navy Pier comes alive with live music. The show will return to its iconic lakeside location, where the two-day festival will showcase the revival of the performing arts.

The idea behind the festival is that the COVID-19 pandemic has been very hard on performing artists who have played a fundamental role in the city’s vibrant culture.

The lakeside stage drew crowds for a live performance that was part of a showcase titled “Chicago Live Again”.

“Chicago Live Again means the revival of all of Chicago’s performing arts,” Navy Pier President Marilyn Gardner said.

According to Gardner, when the pandemic began, the theater first darkened and eventually recovered.

The two-day festival announces to the city that the arts and artists are back and ready to perform.

This quirky idea brings together 50 of the city’s top arts organizations, such as the Steppenwolf Theater and the Joffrey Ballet, to perform for free.

“All of these shows are free. Admission is free and you have access to 50 of the best arts organizations in this wonderful city, ”Gardner said.

Funding was provided by the Pritzker Foundation and the Illinois Tourism Board.

At the event, there was plenty of space for outdoor picnics, from folk and rap to classical music, and everyone enjoyed the music.

A special fireworks display will take place on Saturday evening.

Live Music Returns to Navy Pier with “Chicago Live Again”

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