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Remapping battle: New congressional map upsets GOP and some Democrats | Chicago News


Despite holding all the power, lawmakers in Democratic states are being pushed to both sides of the aisle for the new Congress card that cuts the number of Republican House members from five to three.

Democrats control the development of the new congressional map because they have a qualified majority in the State House, a majority in the Senate, and Democrat JB Pritzker as governor. Illinois is losing a seat in Congress due to a population change based on the latest census figures.

But some of these newly drawn districts could actually make elections competitive by creating swing districts, according to The Cook Political Report.

“Today the Illinois Senate Democrats proposed a gerrymander that would make late Governor Elbridge Gerry blush. With adventurous mapping, Democrats attempt to extend their lead in the delegation from 13D-5R to 14D-3R by eliminating GOP Representative Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) and transforming IL-13 from GOP Representative Rodney Davis in blue. But the proposal carries a risk of backfire: it is both uglier and less effective for Democrats than expected ”, wrote David Wasserman, te editor of Cook Political Report.

Bobby Rush, a longtime representative for the South Side of the United States, and Representative Marie Newman are two Democrats opposed to the new card.

“It is quite evident that what has currently been proposed for the 3rd Congressional District of Illinois is not only backsliding, but dramatically diminishes the diverse and progressive voices in the southwest and suburb of Chicago.” Newman said in a statement.

State Senator Jason Barickman is the Chairman of the Republican Caucus and the Republican spokesperson for the Senate Redistribution Committee.

“The way these cards were produced by Democrats is just shameful,” Barickman said. “[These] the cards of Congress are drawn for one purpose, which is to achieve a partisan goal. It is not about giving voters choices.

“It is about giving more voice to President Pelosi so that she can continue her reign at the federal level,” added Barickman.

Although he is on the House Redistribution Committee and is his Republican spokesperson, Deputy Republican Head of State Tim Butler (right) said the new map was created in a Democratic back room.

“The Democrats have decided to go down a path where they are going to do it themselves behind closed doors,” Butler said.

Butler also said it was ironic that Congressional Democrats were supporting HR1, which is also known as the Voting Rights Act or the “People’s Act of 2021” which draws cards by commission, with public participation and with a “ban on drawing cards to favor a political party “.

“All of the congressional-level Illinois Democrats in the delegation supported HR1, which has an independent process for drawing congressional maps,” Butler said.

However, in another ironic twist, there is currently no Republican in the US Senate who has agreed to adopt HR1 which is up for a vote on Wednesday. The bill needs 60 votes to pass, and Democrats only have 50 votes.

Butler and Barickman join the discussion on Chicago Tonight. All Democratic members of both House redistribution committee and Senate Redistribution Committee were invited to participate, but none accepted.


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