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Grace Kelly almost lost being a princess for this star


Everybody knows that Grace Kelly went from movie star to princess, but another Hollywood actor could have taken his royal place, if things had turned out slightly differently. Kelly and her husband Prince Rainier IIIS’s relationship didn’t start in the most organic way, and they didn’t just naturally cross paths. Instead, the connection was forged at a time when Rainier was actively looking for a bride and advisers believed a Hollywood star would be a good fit, not just for the prince, but for Monaco as a whole.

As reported by People, a new documentary for Curiosity Stream titled Royals: keep it crown examines how Rainier and Kelly’s relationship began when the Principality of Monaco was in dire financial straits and his royal family was at risk of losing their throne. Read on to see which Hollywood icon was considered for Rainier before he ended up with Kelly.

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According to the documentary, after World War II Monaco was not doing well financially and tourism had to be increased as it was the largest industry in the principality. The Chicago Tribune explains that Rainier was also in danger of losing his crown, as a 1918 treaty with France meant that if his lineage ran out, Monaco would become part of France.

“Prince Rainier is now 32 years old, and the idea that he could lose his principality if he does not marry well and produce a male heir is at the forefront of his mind,” Chandrika Kaul, PhD, historian at the University of St. Andrews, said in the documentary.

Grace Kelly with her Oscar at the 1955 Oscars
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In order to bring attention to Monaco and help boost tourism, Rainier’s advisers figured he should marry an American actor. “Prince Rainier has been told he would do well to marry a Hollywood ‘princess’, and [capitalize on] all the fame and fame that came with this wedding, ”says Kaul. “What Monaco needed was to relaunch its tourist trade. It made perfect economic sense. “

Marilyn Monroe interviewed by the press in 1955
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The documentary explains that Marilyn Monroe was the first suggestion for a Hollywood bride for the prince, but she didn’t end up making the cut. The reasoning, according to the documentary, was that she was too much of a sex symbol. To set the scene, by this time in the mid-1950s, Monroe was involved in other relationships anyway. She was married to Joe DiMaggio during most of 1954, and in 1956, she married Arthur miller.

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Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier on their civil wedding day April 18, 1956
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When Kelly attends the 1955 Cannes Film Festival, she is invited by the magazine Paris Match do a photoshoot in Monaco at the royal palace. “The executive[s] To Paris Match thinks it will be a truly dramatic and sensational encounter between the Queen of Hollywood and their own prince, who is an eligible young and handsome bachelor – who is also rumored to arrive in search of a wife, ”Kaul said . in the movie.

royal historian Kate williams explains, “During this photoshoot, you really see how fascinated Rainier is with Grace, and really, I think, he falls in love with her on a personal level, but he also sees her as the answer to so many of his problems. . “

Prince Rainier, Princess Grace and their children in 1966
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Kelly and Rainier got married on April 19, 1956 in a wedding that was broadcast around the world. According to Rainier Chicago Tribune Obituary, “difficult negotiations ensued” between Rainier, Kelly and his family before their engagement. Kelly underwent an exam from Rainier’s doctor to prove she could have children, since Rainier was focused on having an heir. Rainier also asked Kelly’s father, who was a millionaire in the construction industry, for a dowry of $ 2 million. When John kelly “hesitated,” Kelly ended up paying for half of it herself.

Rainier and Kelly were married until his death in 1982. Rainier never remarried and died in 2005. The couple had three children during their marriage: Princess Caroline, Princess Stephanie, and Prince Albert, who is the current monarch of Monaco.

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