Chicago was voted 2nd funniest city in the world


Earlier this month, we revealed that Chicago was voted the second most beautiful city in the world by 27,000 readers who responded to the annual Time Out Index survey. But our Fair Town also won another great honor: the second funniest city in the world. Only Tel Aviv, Israel, was ranked higher, with voters hailing its abundant nightlife, a variety of outdoor activities, and one of the region’s biggest pride celebrations.

Yet the results of the Time Out Index survey have bolstered Chicago’s position as America’s funniest city. The second city narrowly beat Miami (which came in third place), a city well known for its lively clubs, beautiful beaches and interesting museums. As for which city was voted the least fun? That would be Rome … apparently Time Out readers don’t really care about Colosseum tours, walks through the narrow streets of Trastevere, or the Eternal City nightlife.

What makes Chicago so fun? Well, there’s a long list of reasons, and it probably starts with the sheer number of amazing things to do in Chicago, from exhibits in a Chicago museum to the sight of the city stretching out below you from the top of the Willis Tower Skydeck. No matter which side of town you are on, there is a beautiful Chicago park where you can relax, Chicago beaches where you can relax by the lakefront (when it’s warm enough), and gyms. local concert where you can watch a concert. In spring, summer and fall, you will find festivals and events taking to the streets of the city. There are even winter festivals like Christkindlmarket and Empty Bottle’s annual Music Frozen Dancing block party.

We could go on, but it’s pretty clear that Chicago is a place where just about anyone can find fun ways to spend their time. Chicago’s record 2018 tourism numbers prove that even people unlucky enough to live in our city think it’s a pretty fun place to visit.

For even more analysis on how some of the world’s great metropolises stack up against each other, take a look at the Time Out ranking of the world’s best cities. And if you need inspiration for a fun day in Chicago, keep reading Time Out Chicago.

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