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West Chicago High School Class of 2022

Class of 2022 graduates: 448

Time, date and location of the graduation ceremony: Wednesday, May 18, Northern Illinois University Convocation Center

Graduates with highest distinction: Paloma Aguado, Jaden Aldaco, Rebecca Alison, Gerardo Avila, James Bloss, Daniel Bowen, Jaclyn Camp, Leslie Correa, Shantal Correa, Jack Dang, Alyssa Danner, Mason Dupasquier, Daniel Eaton, Dominic Errera, Levi Fisher, Alexander Garcia, Swapna George, Eleanor Gerster, Gianna Gianforte, Annie Gillespie, Ariel Gonzalez, Gloria Gonzalez, Margaret Hancock, Mikail Herrera, Jairo Ibarra, Sophia Johnson, Hadi Khamsi, Allyson Krause, Vincent Lamantia, Natalia Larson, Lyniah Lee, Grace Leonard, Mariana Lopez, Marie Lowell, Grace Miller, Dillon Moesch, Nicole Mruk, Joselyn Munoz, Nikhil Myers, Jack O’Donoghue, Jane Osielski, Melissa Pani, Brianna Pechman, Gabriela Perez, Sarah Plumlee, Sydney Radke, Eliana Reyes, Brianna Roskilly, Rydel Salazar, Jahaira Salinas, Jennifer Sanchez, Cecilia Santiago, Jason Sartore, Sofia Schumann, Sean Slattery Lilabeth Sokolewicz, Brendan Symon Sulit, Sydney Unger, Kyle Upham, Dylan Walsh, Robert Washington, Jr, Nicholas White, Shannon White, Natalie Wilderman, Jazmin Wilkins and Meadow Zomparelli.

Graduate speakers: Darianna Avila — Farewell keynote speaker; Nicole Osborne – Teacher start address

Class Officers: Sofia Schumann, President; Meadow Zomparelli, Vice President

Academic Achievements:

• Nikhil Myers – Letter of Recommendation for the National Merit Scholarship

• Robert Washington, Jr. — College Board National Recognition Program Scholar

Department scholarships:

• Prize for scholarship in the human sciences: Margaret Hancock and Itzel Martinez

• Excellence in Art Awards: Daniel Boyce, Alexa Garcia, Olivia Wesling, Sydney Unger

• Social Studies Prize: Charles Baumbartner, Shantal Correa, Gianna Gianforte, Gloria Gonzalez, Jimena Guerrero, Rory Guerrero, Antonia Loiacono, Mariana Lopez, Marie Lowell, Itzel Martinez, Vianney Moreno, Jack O’Donoghue, Brianna Pechman, Gabriela Perez , Jahaira Salinas, Jason Sartore, Lilabeth Sokolewicz, Joanna Trejo, Kyle Upham and Jazmin Wilkins.


• Business Students of the Year: Daniel Canda and Ramiro Garcia

• Student of the Year in Family and Consumer Sciences: Sydney Ostapa

• Student of the Year in Technology Education: Levi Fischer

• Outstanding Seniors in English: Jairo Ibarra and Lilabeth Sokolewicz

• Outstanding Graduate Students in Mathematics: Leslie Correa

• Outstanding Seniors in Science Awards: Ramiro Alanis, James Bloss, Victoria Brzozowski, Swapna George, Maya Gomez, Jessica Guerrero, Vincent Lamantia, Marie Lowell, Nikhil Myers, Ryan Pencek, Rydel Salazar, Jason Sartore, Sofia Schumann, Kyle Upham, Shannon White and Meadow Zomparelli.

• Distinguished Learners of English: Issa Oumar and Alberto Vazquez

• Best Achievement in French: Rebecca Alison

• Best Achievement in German: Sarah Plumlee

• Highest achievement in Spanish: Santiago Villa

Extracurricular achievements:

• IHSA State Drama Finals: 1st place for technical performance; 1st place for short film – Philip Calabrese and Mikail Herrera; All-State Cast Members – Maggie Hancock, Mikail Herrera, Jaz Wilkins; All-State Production of “Cabaret” — Director, Elizabeth Ryan; Orchestra, Vincent Lamantia; “Kit Kat Woman” Actor, Jazmin Wilkins; Actor “Cliff”, Mikail Herrera.

• Business Professionals of America: 1st place in ethics and professionalism, Daniel Canda; 1st place in the economic presentation, Swapna George.

• Family, Professional, and Community Leaders of America: Gold Medal in Presentation of Children’s Literature, Nicole Mruk

• Upstate Eight Conference Speech Tournament: 1st Place Impromptu Speech, Daniel Canda

• Musicians from all ILMEA States: Mikail Herrera and Sydney Radke

• John Philip Sousa Group Prize: Emily Heath

• Louis Armstrong Prize: Nikhil Myers

• National School Orchestra Prize: Brendan Symon Sulit

• National School Choir Award: Margaret Hancock

Sports achievements:

• Female Athlete of the Year: Brianna Pechman

• Male Athlete of the Year: Pierre Baldwin

Theatrical productions:

• “Harvey”

• “The squirrel girl goes to college”

• “Clue on stage”

• “Little Shop of Horrors”

What’s new in 2021-22: Activities for New Students: Robotics Club, Book Club, Music Honor Society, Photo Club; Student Activities held a food truck festival for seniors on their last day of school

What challenges did the Class of 2022 face when they returned to school full-time in person, and how did they overcome them:

This class has faced more headwinds in its high school career than perhaps any in our history. They persevered through multiple learning models, a massive school building project, and countless individual obstacles. Through it all, they kept their composure, focus and drive while maintaining a sense of unity.

Principal’s thoughts on the Class of 2022:

This class is special because they are the ones who brought us back to “normal”. Three of their four years of high school were massively interrupted but they were the ones who guided us as we returned to face-to-face learning. They were the class that led as we relearned so many lessons about being together and they are the class that we will remember for their incredible perseverance.

— Principal Will Dwyer