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The US Thot Patrol spotted in Illinois, who is she looking for?

You never know what you’ll see on the road in Illinois. Honestly, you never know what you’ll find parked in a Walmart parking lot. Of course, you will find the vehicles of customers and workers. You can spot a tractor trailer parked somewhere while the driver is resting. Heck, if you’re lucky you might also spot your favorite band or comedian’s tour bus parked in the parking lot. We all have jokes about Walmart, and even the parking lot can’t escape the conversation.

One thing I’ve never spotted is some sort of United States government vehicle in the lot. (I exclude police, fire and paramedics, by the way.)

I feel the need to advise you on the subject that will be highlighted in this article. This may be offensive to some and make most laugh, but hopefully for the latter. You might even learn something too, which is always a plus. Buckle up, let’s go.

(Note: I stared at this screen for 10 minutes wondering whether to provide a definition for a word I’m about to include in this article or reveal the spotted vehicle.)

WHICH US patrol? !

While researching the purpose of this incredibly unique vehicle, I learned that it could be spotted near a McDonald’s. The “patrolman” may be on the lookout for liars and people who twerk. There are more criteria but I’m not even sure what it all means. Never heard of US Thot Patrol According to Urban Dictionary (get ready), THOT is an acronym for “that hoe over there”, and it’s not a reference to a garden tool. Do you feel me?

This is a real truck spotted in Rockford, Illinois outside of Walmart on Walton Street.

Photo submitted

Photo submitted

Yes, this sticker appears to say “National Thottish Behavior Prevention”.

USTP’s mission is to “Stop Thottisness Before It Starts”.

It is important to know that these patrollers do not discriminate, as you will learn in their ‘on‘ section.

Photo submitted

Photo submitted

These behaviors are most commonly seen in women born after 1993, but thotishness isn’t limited to gender or age—really anyone can be a thot.

For the record, this is probably the first and only time I will write an article on the subject relating to “THOT”. (My mother must be so proud of my journalistic integrity.)

Perhaps reading the official title of the department will bring a chuckle.

Photo submitted

Photo submitted

How about another closer look?

Photo submitted

Photo submitted

If you want to read the details or apply to be a member of the US Thot Patrol, you can find all that information here. Oh, and if you know who owns this truck, let me know via email.

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