Is the Spartan football team going into a massacre on Saturday?

The MSU Spartan football team will travel to Columbus, Ohio this Saturday for a runny knocker.

MSU is currently a -18 and a half point road dog. That’s not a lot of respect for a team ranked seventh in the AP poll. The The Ohio State Buckeyes are ranked fourth.

MSU has just won a solid victory over Maryland. MSU’s pass defense is ranked # 130 of # 130, which isn’t good.

The Buckeyes have a very solid passing offense. Stroud is their freshman quarterback. They have three outstanding receivers and a tough tight end.

The Ohio State has the number one offense in all college football and MSU is in 23rd place. Which is still very good and they have the favorite for the Heisman.

Look, MSU can score and with Walker, Thorne, and Reed, but can they contain the Buckeyes’ electric offense?

The over / under of this game is 66 and a half. It could turn into an aerial ping-pong match. Mel Tucker was on staff at The Ohio State with Mark Dantonio when they won the National Championship against the United States.

It’s a huge clash between these two schools. Is MSU going into a massacre inside the Horseshoe where there will be over 100,000 Mad Buckeye fans? A majority of the country thinks so …

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