Illinois State University student Jelani Day ruled to be drowned – CBS Chicago


OTTAWA, Illinois (CBS) – The LaSalle County Coroner’s Office announced Monday that the death of Illinois State University student Jelani Day was drowning.

Day’s body was discovered in the Illinois River in September, more than a week after he went missing.

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“Unfortunately, there is no specific positive autopsy test for drowning. Drowning is considered an exclusionary diagnosis with supporting investigative circumstances when a person is found dead in a body of water, ”the coroner’s office said.

Coroner’s office said examination of Day’s body was “suboptimal” given the decomposition his body had suffered, but there was no evidence of any kind of injury he suffered. before his death, such as an assault, strangulation or gunshot wound – and there was also no evidence of significant drug poisoning.

We didn’t know how Day ended up in the river.

The decision amounts to a certain level of closure for Day’s family, who have talked a lot about her disappearance – and probably still had plenty of questions left.

As CBS 2’s Meredith Barack reported, Day was last seen in a cannabis dispensary near the ISU campus in Bloomington on August 24.

The 25-year-old graduate student’s car was found two days later in a wooded area near the Illinois Valley YMCA in Peru – which is in LaSalle County, 60 miles north of Bloomington.

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When his body was finally identified on September 23, the police called it all “very suspicious.”

Last week he was buried.

Day’s mother, Carmen Bolden Day, said after Day’s body was found that authorities had not done enough to help locate her son.

“For them, Jelani meant nothing. There is no effort, there is no push, nothing has been done for my son, ”she told CNN. “I did all that legwork. Me and my children, me and all those who have never known Jelani, my family, my friends, strangers, have done all the legwork. My son didn’t get any help, and I’m pissed off because he didn’t deserve this.

Day’s mother pointed to the racial disparity in her son’s case, noting that Jelani’s disappearance did not attract the attention of Gabby Petito, a white woman who disappeared while visiting national parks with her fiancé, and was later found dead near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Bloomington Police said Jelani’s case received special attention and generated advice that helped investigators locate his body.

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The Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Reverend Jesse Jackson are organizing a Justice Day march for Jelani on Tuesday in Peru. it starts at noon

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