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“If lies, intolerance, insurrection and death threats are your political tools, vote Republican” – Chicago Tribune

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Voting Guide

Tirelessly, the hysterical right fumes and raves about the reasons not to vote Democratic. I would like to offer a reason to vote Republican. If you think it’s just the flu and climate change is a hoax, vote Republican. If you’ve lost touch with reality and believe in space lasers, microchips and the resurrection of dead celebrities, vote Republican. If women have no autonomy over their own bodies and people who look, love or worship differently are demonized, vote Republican. If lies, intolerance, insurrection and death threats are your political tools, vote Republican. And finally, if your cult is for someone so mentally damaged that they can’t even admit they’re losing anything, then you are indeed a Republican.

I laugh

I laugh at Long Grove. It’s the dumbest village I’ve known in my life. Forty-one times this bridge has been hit. The simple solution is to raise the deck so it doesn’t continue to cost money and time to fix it. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, Long Grove. You are a joke, people. I wouldn’t go to this town because of stupidity.

Get richer every day

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Florida is run by Republicans. Florida has no income tax as it is funded by the tourism industry. Illinois, on the other hand, has income tax, and politicians are getting richer every day. Democrats control Illinois, which also means higher taxes for all of us, especially if you live in Lake County.

Always helpful

I am writing to you about Charles Selle. Thanks. It was a wonderful article about Mrs. Coulson and the nun from Waukegan. They are two women who have had long lives, who have never been on television but who have always been useful. Many of us who still live in Waukegan remember the Colson family. Thanks for writing about someone local.

Remember the Greeks

I’m calling about street signs that honor Rudy Padilla and Waukegan’s Mexican heritage. I knew Rudy was an excellent teacher and an excellent human being. However, what I mean is that before there were Mexicans or Hispanics in this area, it was mostly surrounded by Greek families. If a sign were to be installed at the corner of Washington and Jackson, it should honor the brothers who own the W Shop. It had been owned by Greeks for more than 50 years, and there was not a student who did not go there from the 1940s until his retirement. They were well known in the Waukegan community. This Jackson Street neighborhood in downtown Waukegan must have had 25 to 30 Greek families living in those houses there. The Waukegan Historical Society should get involved in this.

Teach core subjects

I just read the article on promoting social activism at the College of Lake County. They promote a series of films about immigration, food and justice, and how to reduce recidivism by helping individuals make choices that prevent incarceration. It seems that colleges are becoming dumping grounds for activists, administrators and professors to advance their programs rather than teaching core subjects such as math, science, history, English and economics , what our children need to learn to get a job and have a successful career, rather than being affected by far-left liberals with their political agendas.