How the Schoeneman team is becoming the nation’s most trusted disaster expert

A. Schoeneman was recently awarded millions to cover damage to buildings, furniture and loss of revenue from a hotel in Nashville which was destroyed by a tornado, just before the COVID-19 lockdowns swept through the United States and the world. The insurance company covering the hotel was unwilling to pay the damages, arguing that due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and the impact of global lockdowns on tourism the hotel would have failed in any event. Like fire damage claims, the Schoeneman team also has years of experience in tornado damage claims. This is why it is crucial to choose the right adjuster in public insurance.

The team of claims adjusters at A. Schoeneman was able to turn things around for the Nashville hotel and put them on the road to recovery. The team got enough money to repair the damage to the building caused by the tornado ($6 million), as well as funds to repair and replace furniture. They even made sure that every employee could continue to receive a paycheck despite the inclement weather that affected the hotel’s ability to weather the Coronavirus storm.

Thanks to the hardworking team of A. Schoeneman, rather than lose his business, his income and his years of reputation as a hotel, Nashville is once again a richest hotel. The total amount our team got exceeded $12 million – enough to fairly compensate for all damages while prioritizing the well-being of all.

Although the headquarters of A. Schoeneman is based in Chicagothey are passionate about helping American businesses settle their claims nationwide, in addition to being a dedicated public adjuster and go-to emergency contractor for homeowners facing unexpected property damage due to inclement weather.

Just make a fight unfair again. Fight with A. Schoeneman in your corner.

If you would like assistance with compensation for damage caused by fire, tornadoes, burst pipes, water damage, etc., contact A. Schoeneman today at +1 773-539- 7446 for a free claims review, or visit their website. at

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