Chicago’s north side on the brink of theft and attacks; Some say police aren’t proactive enough – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – Business owners on the north side of town are calling for action from the police since violent robberies have invaded their neighborhoods.

As reported by CBS 2’s Jermont Terry, the Police Superintendent. David Brown spoke about crime in Chicago on Thursday. But some believe that no real answer has been provided.

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Chicago closes 2021 with a record crime spike – with homicides and carjackings on the rise. At a press conference Thursday, the police superintendent. David Brown was delighted to speak about the record number of firearms his officers have removed from the streets.

But while community members applaud these efforts, many believe the CPD needs to do more to prevent crime.

There is no doubt that a lot of people pass by Pedestrian Coffee at 939 W. Belmont Ave. at Lakeview, just off the Belmont Red, Purple and Brown Line Chicago Transit Authority stops.

“It’s a very busy place,” said owner Tim Taylor.

And Taylor is a little surprised that on Wednesday evening a group of eight people attacked, beat up and robbed a woman Wednesday evening on Sheffield Avenue just off Belmont Avenue – a short walk from that “L” stop.

“It’s not safe here, and it’s not the vibe that I want to – ‘Hey, come over to my business. it’s not safe here, ”Taylor said. “It’s really uncomfortable to know that this has happened.”

The attack came on the heels of Chicago police issuing a new edition of a community alert about a team of thieves having struck 21 times in the past eight weeks in Lakeview and Lincoln Park.

Earlier this week on Buckingham Place west of Broadway, two men and a woman were walking when a car pulled up and several thieves got out. The thieves shot the man in the group.

A man was also shot dead in a robbery on Aldine Avenue near Inner Lake Shore Drive which occurred about an hour and a half later.

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Police say the same motive is linked to the wave of thefts.

“There is less fear of getting caught, even with video cameras everywhere,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the crime was spreading in businesses. He had his lip broken by one of the many times crooks walked into Pedestrian Coffee.

“They come in pairs. One distracts our baristas here at the counter, while the other searches for a phone or a wallet on the table, ”he said.

While the officers patrol, the superintendent. Brown was touting his plan to tackle soaring crime.

“We will do everything we can to make the city of Chicago safer,” Brown said.

But Taylor said many believe the police are too responsive and less proactive.

“It takes too long for the CPD to do anything,” he said.

Brown added, “Once people see you as part of the community, here are all the proactive things you can do to help solve and prevent crime.”

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Brown insists that the police will work to improve the relationships officers have with members of the community. Meanwhile, people want to wait and see how the police are fighting crime in the New Year.

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