Chicago Hosts May 14 Abortion Rights Rally: Abortion Factor in Illinois Supreme Court Race

WASHINGTON — Days before the first votes in the Illinois primary, a coalition of abortion rights groups are holding large rallies and marches on May 14 in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and DC to protest against the Supreme Court’s likely overturning of the 1973 ruling giving women the constitutional right to abortion.

Monday night’s leak in POLITICO of a pending Supreme Court draft ruling gives Democrats an organizing tool to galvanize the party’s grassroots vote — and adds new urgency for Democrats in Illinois to focus on the Illinois Supreme Court contests, where they hold a frail 4-3 majority and at least one Republican is putting forward his anti-abortion support.

Even though Illinois is a national leader on abortion rights — the legal landscape in a world where Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case is overturned, with more power given to states — means that A Republican-dominated Supreme Court in Illinois could potentially have a broad impact on abortion laws in Illinois.

In Illinois, the primary takes place on June 28, but voting begins much earlier. The election takes place over several days – not just one day.

The moment for the explosive news about the abortion rights reversal comes at the start of early voting on May 19, which is also the first day an election authority can send out mail-in ballots.

New developments:

MAY 14 MARCH:The march’s route and rally location are yet to be set for Chicago, one of four “anchor” cities that the march’s organizers — a coalition of progressive groups allied with Democrats, UltraViolet, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, MoveOn and the Women’s March – said will host the major events on May 14. Other parts of the Democratic base — such as the unions — are also expected to participate.

“I don’t have to tell anyone, but Monday night was a punch,” Kelley Robinson, executive director of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said on a conference call with reporters.

“On May 14, across the country, we will express our outrage. We don’t stop. We are not afraid. We have more determination than we ever had before.

Robinson added, “New York, DC, Chicago and Los Angeles will be places where we will have the peak attendance. We are expecting hundreds of thousands of people in these key cities. “Hundreds” of small demonstrations are also planned.

ILLINOIS SUPREME COURT AND ABORTION: Currently, Democrats hold the Supreme Court of seven member states by a 4-3 majority. Prior to Monday, abortion did not appear as a significant factor.

Now it is.

In 2020, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Thomas Kilbride, a Democrat, lost his bid to retain his seat on the court, the target of the GOP-allied political action committee, Citizens for Judicial Fairness. Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin donated more than $2 million to this group in 2020.

Citizens for Judicial Fairness is preparing for the 2022 Supreme Court elections. Griffin — who on Thursday donated $40 million to Republican gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin, who calls himself “pro-life” — on April 14 donated $6.24 million to Citizens for Judicial Fairness.

Griffin told the Sun-Times in an emailed statement from his spokesperson, “The people of Illinois deserve fair and objective judges rather than Mike Madigan’s hand-picked candidates. While Governor Pritzker is content to support the Madigan machine and try to stop people from participating in these elections, I believe in freedom of speech and the fundamental importance of citizen engagement in our system. Politics.

Madigan, who now faces a criminal charge, was sidelined for a time, forced to step down last year as House Speaker and chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party.

A candidate touts his anti-abortion credentials. Judge John Noverini appears in the Second Judicial District and features on his website video testimony from anti-abortion lawyer Vivian Maly who praised Noverini for “believing in the sanctity of human life”.

On his Facebook page, Noverini posted what he called a “*pro-life endorsement*” from Paul Caprio, a longtime anti-abortion leader in Illinois.

Elections matter.

ILLINOIS ABORTION RIGHTS PAC: Terry Cosgrove, president and CEO of Personal PAC, one of Illinois’ leading abortion rights political groups, said if Republicans win two seats on the Illinois Supreme Court , “We will have (an Illinois Supreme Court) that will approximate the Trump Supreme Court. , and everything we fought for in Illinois will most likely be erased.

AMA ON “CRIMINALIZING CARE”: The Chicago-based American Medical Association said in a statement that if the draft becomes final, “the advice would lead to government interference in the patient-physician relationship, a dangerous intrusion into the practice of medicine and potential criminalization of care”.

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