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The Pritzker administration has announced an extensive Safe Sleep Support Program in Illinois. The program, led by 12 government and community agencies, aims to combat Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome (SUID), a leading cause of infant death. Illinois Safe Sleep Support will focus on outreach and education to expand community promotion of safe sleep practices, promote resources to improve safe sleep environments, identify SUID disparities, and address opportunities for improvement. Investments from this year-long campaign will continue to position Illinois as a leading state for children, families, and the early years workforce that supports them. SUID is one of the leading causes of infant death in Illinois and the nation. The state lost 737 babies to infant death before their first birthday in 2020. Although infant mortality rates are highest in Cook County, it is a nationwide health concern. ‘State. Through Illinois Safe Sleep Support, the state is responding with concrete actions designed to keep infants healthy and safe. Safe sleep education campaigns have been shown to significantly improve sleep and infant care practices, which can reduce infant mortality rates. For more information about the Illinois Safe Sleep Support program, visit