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Biggest Powerball, Mega Millions jackpots in US history – NBC Chicago

No jackpot-winning tickets were sold in Saturday’s Powerball draw, but Monday’s next draw is expected to see the top prize reach nearly $2 billion.

The current jackpot is just the fifth to reach 10 figures in US history, and will be the biggest jackpot ever offered in a lottery game.

Three of the previous four $1 billion jackpots have been won in the Mega Millions game, including one that was captured by an Illinois resident earlier this year.

The Powerball drawing is offered in 45 states, including Illinois and Indiana. Tickets are $2 per play, with additional options to increase prizes without a jackpot.

Tickets can be purchased either from thousands of retailers nationwide or through select lottery websites, including through the Illinois Lottery app and website.

Here are the biggest jackpots ever won in US history:

January 2016: Powerball $1.586 billion (California, Florida, Tennessee)

Considered the biggest lottery jackpot ever won, the January 13, 2016 Powerball draw split a nearly $1.6 billion jackpot between three lucky players.

Oct. 2018: Mega Millions $1.5 billion (South Carolina)

The biggest prize ever won by a single ticket was awarded in the draw on October 23, 2018, with one lucky winner from South Carolina walking away with a cash prize of $877.8 million.

July 2022: Mega Millions $1.3 billion (Illinois)

The second biggest single ticket win ever, this jackpot was won on a ticket purchased at a Speedway gas station in Des Plaines earlier this year.

January 2021: Mega Millions $1 billion (Michigan, Kansas)

One of only three lottery jackpots to exceed $1 billion, this ticket, sold in Michigan, paid the winner $776.6 million in cash prizes.

March 2019: Powerball $768.4 million (Wisconsin)

This winning ticket was purchased in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

These drawings complete the top ten:

August 2017: Powerball $758.7 million (Massachusetts)

January 2021: Powerball $731.1 million (Maryland)

Oct. 2021: Powerball $699.8 million (California)

October 2018: Powerball $687.8 million (Iowa, New York)

December 2013: Mega Millions $648 million (Georgia)

March 2012: Mega Millions $646 million (Illinois, Maryland, California)