Woodlawn’s 6300 6400 Ingleside Block Club rallies to fight crime after recent shooting


CHICAGO (WLS) – Some Woodlawn residents have moved here with the intention of growing their families and enjoying the nearby parks and gardens, but they say it has been a struggle.

“Everyone deserves to have peace where they live,” said EJ Hunter, 6300 6400 Ingleside Block Club.

But their peace of mind has been disturbed by violence nearby, such as a shootout on Saturday morning with someone brazenly shooting a residence in broad daylight.

Residents of the 6300 6400 Ingleside Block Club have previously organized to clean up their neighborhood, showing up to the housing court to have a problematic tenant evicted. They said it was working.

They organize positive events for residents and have stayed connected to agents at their own pace.

A shooting in April prompted neighbors to focus again, working with building owners and housing courts to weed out those who could put residents at risk.

“About fifteen of us participate in it day and night,” said block club president Duane Clayton. “We all have different points of view, working towards the same thing: having a safe neighborhood.”

“The solutions feel like they’re all in our hands,” said Hunter. “And we’re okay with doing the job, but it would be great if we didn’t continue to work so hard.”

Although it took them a long time and money to improve their neighborhood, they say it is worth it and urge others to do the same.

“Get to know your neighbors and get involved in your community,” said Genora Stone, chair of the Mamie Till-Mobley Park Advisory Board. “I don’t want to just reside in my community. I want to live here. I want to enjoy my neighborhood.”

Statement from POAH Communities, owner of one of the targeted buildings

“Our staff and management will continue to work closely with the Chicago Police Department while this incident is investigated. Out of respect for this investigation, we are limited in the information we can provide.

Our Community Impact Coordinator (CIC) contacted the households that were directly affected by this act of violence to help them in any way possible. Our CIC and management team also communicate with building residents to offer advice if needed. We also relay as much information as possible to our residents and neighbors.

We are grateful that no one was harmed in this violent act which was initiated outside our property. The safety and well-being of our residents is our top priority, which is why we have a long-standing and essential partnership with CPD 3rd District, local leaders and our neighbors. The goal of the partnership is to consistently communicate the issues that affect our community with the goal of finding solutions. “

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