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CHICAGO (CBS) – A frustrated viewer reached out about his neighborhood overpass. He sent us photos over the summer showing his sidewalk blocked with garbage at various times. It’s not the only gateway with this stinky situation.

Morning Insider Lauren Victory watches how the city responds to 311 filth complaints and more.

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In a series of CBS 2 stories over the past two months, viewers have bitched to us about nasty pigeon shit, relating to cracks and peeling paint.

“Since I have been working here, we have been talking about the condition of the viaducts,” said Grace Chan McKibben, of the Coalition for a Better Chinese Community July 23.

We caught up with her to discuss the viaducts in her neighborhood which weren’t exactly welcoming with debris on the ground and pieces of wall missing.

The safety and cleanliness of our underground passages is not something Chicagoans take lightly. CBS 2 found over 300 overpass specific complaints at 311 in less than three years.

Most complaints are marked as completed, such as “Large piece of metal hanging down and about to fall” in Calumet Heights and “Debris falling in traffic lanes” in Chatham. Our quick colon check showed the issues were resolved, but how?

More than a third of the time, the Chicago Department of Transportation passed the issues back to the railroads for investigation.

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CDOT’s responsibilities include repairing potholes and repairing broken lights.

We identified at least 80 complaints specifically about waste in viaducts. 311 records show that many of these problems were considered “complete” with the city’s response “No viaduct cleaning program”.

CBS 2 asked how this fixes the problem, and the CDOT explained that these requests go to the Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS).

At least on 67th and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, it’s hard to say if the DSS has responded to these garbage complaints. It depends on what is considered clean.

A spokesperson for the DSS tells us that in general, the department “… cleans overpasses through its regular street sweeping program and in response to requests from residents, ward superintendents, other departments and church offices. aldermen. Neighborhood superintendents also monitor the need to clean the overpass and regularly contact crews for the cleanup. “

We know that activist Nancy Plax’s incessant emails to the city about its dilapidated University Village viaduct have finally paid off. CDOT went out on tour in July and walked away with the promise to paint.

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Plax tells us that the promise was recently kept near 16th and Morgan streets – a testament to persistence being key and proof that there is no harm in keeping 311 complaints coming.

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