UPS Hires Chicago: Delivery Company Seeks to Hire 1,000 Workers Before Holiday Season


CHICAGO (WLS) – Delivery companies are heading into peak season, and to be ready, UPS is launching a hiring push. About 100 candidates were hired at the Chicago office on Friday, and there will be more.

“We still employ 60,000 people at this time of year across the country,” said Chelsea Allison, who heads UPS human resources in the Chicago area.

She said they are gearing up for an increase in holiday shipments.

“We want to be strategically prepared for whatever the customer needs because it is extremely important for us to deliver to our community as they rely on us and it is important that we deliver what matters”, Allison said.

Vacation hiring has started across many industries as the federal government reports more jobs have been created and unemployment is down to 4.6%.

“Really, mostly good news,” said Andy Challenger, Outplacement Specialist at Challenger, Gray & Christmas. “The economy is moving forward, not as fast as it could be if companies could find all the workers they wanted.”

To applicants, the numbers don’t mean much until they get offers.

“I hope one of the jobs I applied for will contact me soon so I can start saving,” Cozia Reed said.

“If there is indeed a labor shortage, you would expect the bids to be more open, but that really hasn’t been the case,” said Alex Gawenda.

“I’m hoping to get hired because I just need the money to support my family,” said Dartagan Roberts.

UPS’s hiring push continues in some locations on Saturday. In total, the company is trying to hire 1,000 people in the Chicago area.

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