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Democrats have accomplished major bills in the past two years despite the fact that Republicans voted against each of those accomplishments, though that didn’t stop them from taking credit for it. Now that the GOP looks set to take over at least the House, if not the Senate as well, let’s see what kind of agenda they have. So far, we’ve only heard of a few of the things they promise to do. One is to “phase out” Social Security, Medicare, and Medicare. Another is to refuse to raise the debt ceiling and drive the already faltering world economy into disaster. And among the slew of people they pledge to “investigate” is Dr. Anthony Fauci. Why? Recommend that they wear a mask? It’s going to be a tough race.

Trump claims to make a surprise announcement but his advisers want him to hold back announcing his presidential candidacy. What will be the surprise then?

How do you know who doesn’t pay taxes in Lake County or who gets free stuff? Another example of a Republican throwing out a theory that can’t be proven. Whenever an election does not go in favor of Republicans, there is always an underlying cause or conspiracy. Look at Fox Entertainment, they jumped on the fraud bandwagon after Tuesday’s election, showing footage of alleged vote tampering, which, as usual, was debunked. Republicans who lost midterm have only themselves to blame. Their far-right views are getting too big, and an endorsement from Trump was the final nail in the coffin.

Let’s give the Republicans what they asked for and predicted: We should put on a red glove and wave to them.

The only way to rebuild the Republican Party is to indict Trump in Georgia, New York and DC. Matt Gaetz in Florida, Giuliani in New York in Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania, the Trump kids in six states, and Lindsey Graham in Georgia. Only when you cut off the heads of these criminals and liars will our party return to normal and Holocaust deniers see the light.

The Democrats have only one thing to offer the public – they can abort me. At 76, I see no use for anything the Democrats have to offer, including their trademark abortions. I would definitely trade an abortion for a $2 fill-up of Trump gas. My car ran great on that Trump gas and it didn’t cost me my entire social security check.

Wisconsin is a place of fantastic natural beauty, with its lakes and hills, its vast and imposing forests, its well-kept farms and its herds of dairy cows grazing in the fields. Then they re-elect an election denying conspiracy theorist advocating January 6, like Ron Johnson, and suddenly it’s not so pretty.

We often ask what we can do to improve the quality of life in our city, state or country. Georgians have an opportunity like never before to set a good example of how we can improve our image. There will be a runoff for the Senate between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker. I don’t want my position to be partisan. So, for the purposes of my comments, let’s drop the political titles and assume they’re both independent. Based on what has been revealed both on the candidates and their platforms, if you were Georgian, who would you vote for in the run-off? Their midterm campaigns captured national attention. Politically speaking, the general consensus was that Warnock was of good character and highly qualified. On the other hand, many thought Walker was of questionable character and unqualified. Georgians had a second chance to send a message about their values.