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A popular Chicago suburb has been named one of the best places to live nationally, according to a recently released list, with several places in the Midwest making the top 10.

Among 100 cities in America, Naperville was ranked #4 in livability The best places to live in the United States in 2022 list, receiving a score of 668.

“A western suburb of Chicago, Naperville, IL, is a growing oasis where big-city attractions — think a diverse dining scene, performing arts venues, diverse shopping, family-friendly spaces, and thriving nightlife — mingle with small-town magic,” the site wrote.

Naperville received a score of 66 in “Civic”, 60 in “Health”, 55 in “Demography”, 56 in “Housing”, 61 in “Economy”, 70 in “Infrastructure”, 65 in “Education” and 65 in “Approvals.”

According to the list, nearly 90% of Naperville residents live within a 10-minute walk of a park, and 10% of the suburban workforce works remotely.

The median home value in Naperville is $503,821, according to the listing, with a median household income of $127,648. The total suburban population is 147,734 with a median property tax of $9,227.

Four other Illinois cities were named to the list, including Oak Park ranked at No. 28, Downers Grove at No. 37, Evanston at No. 52 and Bloomington at No. 64.

Here’s where other cities in the Midwest and surrounding areas rank:

No. 1: Madison, Wisconsin
No. 2: Ann Arbor, Michigan
No. 3: Rochester, Minnesota
No. 5: Overland Park, Kansas
No. 6: Minneapolis, Minnesota
No. 7: Fishermen, Indiana
No. 10: Carmel, Indiana
No. 12: Waukesha, Wisconsin
No. 20: Omaha, Nebraska
No. 25: Rochester Hills, Michigan
No. 26: Olathe, Kansas
No. 34: Troy, Michigan
No. 36: Bloomington, Minnesota
No. 39: Appleton, Wisconsin
No. 42: Cincinnati, Ohio
No. 46: Iowa City, Iowa
No. 47: Grand Rapids, Michigan
No. 61: Lawrence, Kansas
No. 63: Royal Oak, Michigan
No. 71: Kalamazoo, Michigan
No. 74: Green Bay, Wisconsin
No. 78: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
No. 80: Ames, Iowa
No. 89: La Crosse, Wisconsin
No. 90: Des Moines, Iowa
No. 92: Bloomington, Indiana
No. 96: Dubuque, Iowa
No. 97: Columbia, Missouri

For the complete list with scores, click here.

Livability examined over 2,300 cities, focusing on mid-size locations, based on over 50 data points, which were grouped into amenities, economy, demographics, housing, social and civic capital, education, health care, transport and infrastructure and distance. Preparation, according to the methodology.

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