In DC, Governor JB Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot pitch DNC to Chicago’s bid to host the 2024 Democratic convention

WASHINGTON — Governor JB Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot presented Chicago’s bid to host the 2024 Democratic convention to senior Democratic National Committee officials on Friday, bringing boxes of goodies from Chicago and — to show just how important that bid is. serious – themselves.

In separate presentations, DNC officials — including DNC Chairman Jamie Harrison, who attended via video, and new DNC senior adviser Cedric Richmond, a former top Biden White House official — Chicago representatives , New York, Houston and Atlanta have made their case for hosting the 2024 convention.

The DNC will want to know that a city can deliver – and a point of the joint Pritzker/Lightfoot marketing job was to emphasize that they can deliver. The mayor and governor of New York, both Democrats, were not present; New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ chief of staff, Frank Carone, was one of the presenters.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner led his team, and Atlanta’s bid was briefed by officials from his tourism and convention agency.

WHERE: The DNC team that heard the presentations used the offices of the Democratic consulting firm Bully Pulpit Interactive, a few blocks from the White House.

A NEXT STEP FOR CHICAGO: A site-selection delegation from the DNC will travel to Chicago, likely later this summer. The date for the 2024 Democratic convention has not been set.

WHO CAME FROM CHICAGO: The group informing the DNC of the city’s bid included Pritzker; light foot; Samir Mayekar, Deputy Mayor of Lightfoot; Deputy Chief of Staff Kelsey Nulph; Anne Caprara, Pritzker’s chief of staff; Deputy Governors Christian Mitchell and Andy Manar; President and CEO of World Business Chicago Michael Fassnacht; Choose Chicago CEO Lynn Ormond; United Center COO Terry Savarise; and from Magnify Strategies, the company overseeing the coordination of the offering, CEO Kaitlin Fahey and founding partner Leah Israel.

THE CHICAGO PITCH: Lightfoot and Pritzker gave opening remarks, with DNC staffers going over detailed feed points with other members of the Chicago delegation. Chicago last hosted a convention in 1996, when Democrats met at the United Center.

Lightfoot told me that the city, with its abundance of hotel rooms, restaurants, venues and people experienced in hosting large-scale events, has a “compelling case” that should make choosing Chicago an “evidence”. We know how to organize large-scale events. We do it every year, several times a year.

Lightfoot added: “I think the biggest sell is that we’re in the Heartland. We are at the epicenter of the states they want to activate for Biden-Harris in 2024.”

THIS GOODIE BOX: Stuff from Chicago vendors, including Chicagwa water from Lake Michigan in cans with artwork from Chicago artists. DC water pales unlike the good drink that comes out of Chicago taps.

MAYOR OF HOUSTON: “Big events are what we do in Houston,” Mayor Sylvester Turner told me, before a busload of Houston officials who run police, fire and public transit arrived. of Houston, as well as union and business leaders.

“From an infrastructure point of view, we are fully prepared.”

Houston is a Democratic city in a red state with a governor, Gregg Abbott, who has overseen state efforts to, among other things at odds with the Democratic agenda, lead the nation in restricting abortion rights.

Turner noted that Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin are led by Democratic mayors.

I asked if Abbott was an obstacle they should work around.

“No, actually I think it’s an opportunity for the Democrats. You have to expand the map and you have to sow seeds in areas where you can harvest a future crop.

NEW YORK TEAM: New York is Chicago’s biggest rival in this competition. Both cities are diverse, have Democratic leadership, have an abundance of union hotel rooms, event venues, great restaurants, and are transit hubs.

Among the heads of the New York delegation were Frank Carone, Mayor Adams’ chief of staff, as well as New York City Mayor Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright and Tiffany Raspberry, senior adviser for external affairs.

“The mayor gave us clear instructions,” Carone told me. “It is a priority that we must do our best” and ensure that the DNC knows “the depth of our proposal”.

In DC, Governor Pritzker arrives at the DNC meeting to present Chicago’s bid for the 2024 convention.

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