Illinois ranks second for sharing Netflix passwords. Here’s who took the top spot – NBC Chicago

Illinois is one of the most notorious streaming scammers in the country, but it falls short of winning the title, being beaten by another Midwestern front: Ohio.

A study of time2play found that Illinois ranks second in the United States for sharing Netflix passwords with someone outside their household, with 58% of users admitting they do so, a policy violation from Netflix.

Ohio leads the way, with 59% of watchers saying they use someone else’s Netflix account, according to the study.

The study also found that 50.7% of Netflix users in the country share their password, and those who share their password do so with an average of 2.3 people living outside their household.

Netflix has announced its plans to crack down on password sharing last month, saying it would start charging subscribers in some markets an additional monthly fee for sharing their account with others outside their household. The track is currently running with subscribers in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

While it’s unclear whether Netflix intends to expand its current efforts to suppress password exchanges in the United States, the study reported that 79% of those who use the password of someone else wouldn’t get their own account if Netflix banned sharing.

Along with Illinois and Ohio, Wisconsin ranks among the top five states in the study that use someone else’s streaming account. To view the full list, click here.

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