Here are the worst car laws and regulations

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How about no law regarding the brightness of headlights? There’s a minimum, but, and I realize I’m preaching to the choir here, there seems to be no limit to the brightness of the headlights.

Who among us can’t identify? I drive a Fiesta, and in my 12 years on the road, I can’t remember a time when I was so regularly completely blinded while driving at night. As another reviewer, Weeks, explained, this issue isn’t really about peak brightness, but more about the direction of the beams and the legal protocol by which manufacturers set them:

The problem isn’t so much the brightness, it’s the goal. The manufacturers were able to continue to increase the luminosity because they knew how to better manage the cut at the level of the beltline of the vehicle. Unfortunately, they aim for their own beltline and don’t take into account each vehicle’s retinas which are shorter than their own. Also, whenever another vehicle is below this cut-off point (such as when going over a hill), everyone’s low beams look like high beams because the headlights don’t adapt not in the field.

the allocation of adaptive beams thanks to the infrastructure bill will help to “steer” the headlights forward, but it is unlikely this technology will be mandatory. This problem will not disappear until a priority has been given in the law for the visibility of other motorists, not just the person driving the car in question.

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