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What is happening with the home COVID tests that many go through and how are they reported?

According to Chicago’s top doctor, many don’t.

Here’s what you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic in Illinois today:

Most home COVID tests go unreported to Department of Health, Chicago top doc says

Most home COVID-19 test results go unreported to the health department, according to Chicago’s top doctor.

Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr Allison Arwady said during a Facebook Live event on Thursday that people who have a COVID test at home are urged to report a positive result to their health care provider. that will notify the health department, although this process is unlikely to happen for every test.

“All of these negatives are not reported realistically,†Arwady said. “We don’t count, you know, it’s a fiction that we ever counted every COVID test.”

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‘Deceived death’: double lung transplant saves suburban grandmother after COVID

Laura Bratlien contracted COVID-19 while being vaccinated.

A cancer survivor, she tested positive for the virus and was hospitalized on Mother’s Day. Oak Forest’s grandmother had recently started a new arthritis drug, and doctors believe it lowered her immunity.

With blood clots in his crystallizing lungs and two different types of pneumonia, Bratlien’s prognosis was grim.

“He told me that you are going to have a short, dismal life, and whatever life you have will be dismal,†she said. “They told me that on June 1st.”

But Bratlien, her husband and sister were all determined to fight.

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Joliet West Parents challenges high school decision to cancel homecoming game due to positive COVID tests

Joliet West High School soccer field will not host a homecoming game for the second year in a row, after nine soccer players recently tested positive for coronavirus and 38 unvaccinated players who tested negative are in quarantine.

“I understand where the parents are and how devastated the children are, but we are still in the midst of a pandemic and we need to do everything we can to keep our students and staff safe,” said the superintendent of secondary schools in the township of Joliet. Dr Karla Guseman.

According to Guseman, the Will County Health Department has informed the school district that it can no longer use the testing protocol to stay and that all unvaccinated close contact people are to quarantine until September 22. .

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Should you put your vaccination status on your CV? An expert weighs

With coronavirus vaccination requirements being mandatory for many workers in the United States, those applying for jobs might wonder when and how they should share this information.

According to Andrew Challenger, senior vice president of global outplacement and business at Chicago-based executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., putting a vaccination status on a resume or in a LinkedIn profile could help those who are looking for a job.

“Immunization status will definitely be a factor for hiring managers. If they already know you are vaccinated, they can tick that question and won’t have to worry about getting this candidate tested every week, â€Challenger said in a statement. “It will speed up the hiring process if the human resources department already knows which bucket the candidate is going into. “

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Is sneezing a symptom of COVID?

Is sneezing a symptom of COVID?

This is a question many people with allergies ask themselves this time of year.

With cases of the delta variant of the coronavirus causing outbreaks across the country and the onset of fall allergy season, it can be difficult to tell if your symptoms are due to pollen, a simple cold, or something more. .

Here’s a full breakdown.

What to know about COVID tests: how long for results, when to get tested

With the increase in COVID-19 testing in Illinois, more residents are seeking the latest information on coronavirus testing in the Chicago area.

From the time it takes to receive test results to when health officials recommend getting tested for COVID, here’s what we know.

Chicago’s top doctor answers questions about vaccines sparked by Nicki Minaj Tweet

A tweet from Nicki Minaj sparked questions and concerns from many, spreading what experts say is misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine.

Since the COVID vaccinations began, experts have sought to refute some claims about the vaccine, fertility and pregnancy.

But on Monday, Minaj tweeted that her cousin in Trinidad, where the singer is from, “will not receive the vaccine because his friend received it and has become impotent. His testicles have become swollen.”

Chicago’s top doctor addressed Minaj’s tweet directly on a Facebook Live Tuesday.

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Moderna vs. Pfizer: is a vaccine stronger against the Delta variant?

With many now able to choose which COVID vaccine they receive, questions surrounding which one offers better protection against the burgeoning delta variant have multiplied.

Several studies have been carried out to determine the effectiveness of vaccines, but is one vaccine really better than the others?

According to medical experts, the three vaccines currently available in the United States each offer protection.

Here’s a breakdown of what we know so far about each vaccine.

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