Chicago family business makes Ukrainian flags for the community – NBC Chicago

Eslela Parra sits behind her sewing machine, her heart heavy, just thinking about the Ukrainian people.

“It’s very sad because it’s hard to see how everything is going,” Parra said. “But for me, it’s something I can do for them.”

Parra is one of many employees of WGN Flag & Decorating Company in Chicago’s Southside neighborhood that helps make Ukrainian flags for the community.

“Since the start of the invasion, the outpouring of support for the Ukrainian community and the Ukrainian people has been absolutely outstanding,” said owner Carl Gus Porter III. “Whether you’re Ukrainian, a local business or a church, everyone wants to show that outcry of support.”

The family business has existed for over 100 years. The owner told NBC 5 that people are showing up, calling and placing orders online for Ukrainian flags, and so far they’ve made about 100.

“We are able to produce them faster than many other flags which require more detailed work,” he said. “My girls basically sew them together. They cut the stripes to the size they need, piece them together and finish them.”

The Ukrainian flag has two horizontal bands of blue and yellow. Thousands of people who attended a rally over the weekend can be seen waving the flag high. For many it is a symbol of immense pride and honor for their country as people continue to fight for their freedom.

“I asked someone to drive two and a half hours the other day just so he could take one,” Porter said. their support.”

Porter is proud of his city for supporting the Ukrainian American community and said the patriotism and pride people feel when they wave their country’s flag is unlike anything else.

“A few months ago you probably had a group of people in Chicago who didn’t know there was a Ukrainian village, whereas now everyone is flying this flag, everyone is in their corner and everyone is standing up for which is correct,” he said.

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