TRIP REPORT: To the Trip – Sweet Home, Chicago

Sweet Home, Chicago
Towards the journey

Towards the journey

Well, it could have been a six or seven day trip. But all the travel memories came back – and why I travel. In this case, not to see buildings or places, but to see people and friends.

And after a tough two years (I have a lot of stories from the past two years, I’ll write some backstory that day), it’s good to be back to exploring.

That’s why I travel sometimes – not just for the experiences, but to find friends, meet new people, and explore our big world of ours.

Although the journey is not yet smooth (because there are many hoops to jump through, to get from A to B, whether in the form of tests, paperwork, poorly written applications, vague promises and many nose changes), every day things are getting better. The world is starting to move again, things changing every day.

As travelers (whether for business or pleasure) it can be confusing. But being able to keep up to date with all the obscure rules in effect at that time.

Let’s do some one-line recaps to move this trip report forward into its final stages.

National Express – It took me from A to B, although a bit late at the end.

Cathay Pacific Lounge at Terminal 3 – if there’s one place at Heathrow I’d like to call ‘home’, this is it: with excellent service and a comfortable atmosphere.

American Airlines AA87 – More than fair with low loads – although I suspect things would be a lot different if the plane were loaded more. This 10-seat economy class layout is simply brutal.

Crowne Plaza O’Hare – Impressive, considering the planned upgrade. No moans here.

Hyatt Regency O’Hare – I wrote disappointing in my review – and even after a few weeks that view solidified. This is a case where we must do better.

British Airways BA296 – Premium Economy continues to be the sweet spot of travel, in terms of space and comfort – however, the issues at BA’s base lounge in London… and are showing badly.

Avanti west coast – offers the possibility of booking a cheap ticket on a train at any time and not being married to open-price tickets.

Dear Chicago. Please don’t leave it too long until next time.

And it’s your lot to Sweet Home, Chicago. take it away The Blues Brothers to complete the trip report.

Coming soon/In the pipeline/

There is a ground of trips in extensive planning right nowwith at least Three trips being planned. But where?

  • June will see me again in Hamburg as we check the world of Passenger experience to Aircraft Interiors Show, with me covering the show, with updates from the field as well as a trip report too (and it’s shaping up to be a stink too).
  • July and August – will see me enjoy tickets at very good prices and a Finnair Airbus A350… or four as I get to know helsinki a little more than I could have wished. It will also change leaving Helsinki airport (something I’ve done so far).
  • And who knows in October? Back to that same old place more likely than not, with more stories of Chicago and maybe beyond if I put my finger on the planning.

As for what else…it always depends on which parts of the world choose to open up when they want. Who knows what the year will bring after two years of restrictions.

Because life is a journey. Let it be with every step we take, every journey, every adventure and every experience.

Here’s to the trip.

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