How to Buy Gold on the Internet by Credit Card?

You can buy gold from the internet to invest with your savings or to use it as jewelry in ceremonies such as weddings, engagements and circumcisions. You can also pay with your credit card if you want to buy gold. You can check the details of the payment process and whether you are safe to buy gold by credit card from the internet.


Buying Gold with Credit Card from the Internet

Buying Gold with Credit Card from the Internet

You can also shop from virtual jewelers with credit cards that you can easily use in virtual stores. To do so, you only need to have your credit card open to the internet and have a usable balance. Moreover , gold can be made in installments for credit card purchases from the internet. In the previous years, restrictions were imposed on the purchase of gold in installments in order to prevent malicious people who want to gain unfair profits.

In particular, the restrictions imposed to prevent credit card brokerage were brought to the agenda in 2016 and gold installments ranging from 4-6 were introduced. With this arrangement, while the real needy can get gold by credit card, the brokers that cannot make long-term sales have been blocked.

One of the most sensible investments today is to buy gold, as gold prices generally show a rising momentum. If you do not want to pay a commission to the goldsmiths to buy gold or if you want to buy gold at normal value, it may be more advantageous for you to choose the stores that sell gold online .

However, you need to be very careful against e-commerce sites that sell gold. In order to protect yourself against scammers in the sale of gold, which is a very valuable product, you should shop from trusted sites. For those who want to buy gold with a credit card from the internet, we have shared the methods of understanding the reliability of the virtual store in the following topic aşağıdaki


Is it Safe to Buy Gold on the Internet with a Credit Card?

Is it Safe to Buy Gold on the Internet with a Credit Card?

It is not only safe to buy gold from the Internet, but when all purchases of products and services are carried out through a reliable site. How can you tell if the site is reliable? First of all, it is very important to make the payment with a 3D secure credit card.

Because this feature is a system developed to increase the security in shopping with credit card over the internet. Thanks to this system developed by MasterCard and Visa, “secure internet shopping” solutions are secured not only against consumers but also fraud in online stores. For this reason , when you want to buy gold from the internet with a credit card, you must use a card with 3D Secure feature.


What are the differences between Visa and MasterCard?


When you want to buy gold from the internet by credit card, if you want to protect your rights and make transactions safely, it is important that the site is reliable as well as the payment is realized through 128 Bit SSL certificate security.

For example, you should purchase gold in the virtual workplace where you want to shop, whether MasterCard® SecureCode ™ and Verified by Visa® logos are available, and whether the website uses an SSL certificate. All these considerations are the criteria for increasing your security while you are shopping online.


Gold Credit Card Sites

Gold Credit Card Sites

Turkish Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury Mint and Stamp Printing House General Directorate of gold printed on the internet you can use to buy web sites are available. Whether you want to invest, wedding, circumcision and engagement ceremonies such as engagement, such as jewelry to use the following sites you can get gold with a credit card.

However, please note that gold prices on these sites may be different. For this reason, it will be to your advantage to compare the grams of gold prices of the sites before you purchase gold with your credit card .