Delaware Secretary of State Appoints New Director for Delaware Office of Tourism

The Delaware Office of Tourism has a new director.

Secretary of State Jeff Bullock announced that Jessica Welch will lead the Delaware Office of Tourism.

“Jessica brings an immense wealth of knowledge and experience to take on this crucial role in Delaware’s economy,” Bullock said.. “The Tourist Board contributes billions to the state’s GDP each year and creates thousands of jobs in the process. As Delaware continues to be a favorite tourist destination, I know Jessica will build on the work done thus far to continue to attract out-of-state visitors while promoting the prosperity of existing tourism businesses in the Delaware. ‘State.

Welch most recently served as director of communications for the Delaware Small Business Division.

As director of the Office of Tourism, Welch wants to create more creative advertising campaigns, including short videos like TikToks showing the state’s landscape, especially in parks, beaches and Wilmington.

Welch says it’s a good time to take the lead.

“I think people are still looking forward to travelling, having been locked down for so long and being so careful about all of this,” Welch said. “I think people just want to get out, and one area encourages Delawares to drive through Wilmington and Sussex by car. So I think, yes, gas prices are still a little high, but I think people are willing to pay for gas if they know they’re going to get a great living.”

She adds that reaching niche markets like Boston and Chicago has worked in the past, and she wants to continue this while trying to reach other niche markets like solo travelers.

Welch says one of the most important aspects of his new job is maintaining great relationships within the state.

“It’s really important for us to really continue the great partnerships that we have across the state. We have an advantage, Delaware is such a small state that we’re all very close, and we have great partnerships with the other conventions and visitors’ offices,” Welch said.

She also wants to maintain good relationships with hotels, restaurants, attractions and sports venues.

The office also plans to continue partnering with businesses and municipalities across the state to increase their appeal as tourist destinations and help with their marketing efforts.

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