COVID cases are slowly rising in Illinois. Here’s where community transmission is highest – NBC Chicago

The Illinois Department of Public Health issued a COVID public health warning on Thursday, saying “case rates are slowly increasing in many parts of the state.” and that members of the public should pay close attention to conditions in their local communities and keep themselves informed of their vaccination status. »

On April 13, COVID cases in Illinois were 2,060. As of April 14, that number was 3,340 — a much higher daily jump than the state has seen recently.

In Chicago, the latest numbers show 455 cases of COVID. This is an increase of 314 cases, or 45% from the previous week.

In the United States, there has been a slight increase in cases in recent weeks, with daily confirmed cases nationwide rising from around 25,000 a day to more than 30,000.

And while authorities say COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths are stable, officials are encouraging residents to pay close attention to conditions in their local communities.

Where in Illinois is community transmission of COVID highest?

The CDC last updated its county-by-county community levels map on Thursday, showing high levels of transmission in four southeastern Illinois counties.

In these communities, people are advised to wear masks in public indoor spaces, including schools, and to take extra precautions if there is a risk of serious illness.

The following counties have been listed in the “high” category:

  • Gallatin County
  • Hardin County
  • Pope County
  • Saline County

In communities in the “high” category, residents are encouraged to wear a mask indoors regardless of their vaccination status and to consider avoiding non-essential indoor activities in public where you may be exposed.

All other counties in Illinois are currently listed in the “low” category, where community transmission is less severe. In places where community transmission is low, residents are encouraged to keep up to date with COVID vaccines and boosters and to maintain improved ventilation in indoor spaces when possible.

Currently, all adults 50 and older are eligible for a fourth COVID booster.

Health officials said Illinois “remains well positioned to respond in the event of a further COVID surge” as the state’s testing stock was recently replenished with more than 1.5 million rapid tests available. and another half million along the way.

Public health officials say they are not considering additional mitigation measures at this time, ruling out a return to mask mandates and other such orders at this time.

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