Chicago News: Missing dog lost in Lansing, Ill. Reunited with family with help from Munster, Indiana police department

LANSING, Ill. (WLS) – A dog lost in the Chicago area during a move has been reunited with his family.

A family lost their dog, Sandy, in Lansing as they moved from Nebraska to Massachusetts. While devastated, they had to leave town without their beloved Sandy. But a group of dog lovers stepped in to help.

“It’s exciting,” said owner Sienne Gailloux. “Sandy is such a sweet dog and I never thought we would see her again.”

Student Gailloux is happy to finally find her best friend. After missing for more than 10 days, the retriever is safe and sound. She was lost the day before Thanksgiving as the family traveled by car from Nebraska to Massachusetts. Siena’s mother was walking Sandy after she stopped at a hotel in the southern suburbs of Lansing for the night.

“Sandy was already a little stressed from the move and a lady screamed and Sandy just bolted and pulled the leash out of my mom’s hand,” said Gailloux.

The Nova Scotia tolling retriever, or toller, wore a collar, leash, harness, and bandana. She is microchipped and wears a badge.

Gailloux said his mother immediately called the police, animal shelters and the family. It was then that she began posting reviews of the lost furry family member on social media.

Ellen Hogan Mulvey, a local dog rescuer and professional nurse, saw the messages and contacted the family for help.

“It’s wonderful to be able to save a dog or return a dog to its owner,” said Hogan Mulvey.

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Mulvey and a network of animal rights activists set up feeding stations and cameras in the area where the dog went missing and where she had reported being seen.

One of the group members even had some professionally designed lost dog lawn panels made to help find the dog.

Finally, last Friday someone called to report seeing sand near 178th Street and Wildwood Avenue in the Southern Suburbs. The group’s relentless determination had paid off.

They set up a humane trap to catch her filled with goodies and some of Siena’s old clothes. This Saturday they did – and Sandy was finally safe.

“She didn’t come until 7pm, but she was comfortable coming in because she had come in earlier that morning and the trap lowered when she entered,” Hogan said. Mulvey.

On Sunday, Sandy went to the vet and the groomer. His paw pads were tender the entire race.

We are really very grateful that they were willing to take the time to help us, ”said Gailloux.

The Munster, Indiana Police Department and Lansing Animal Control worked with animal rights advocates to help find the dog.

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