Cheap Car Insurance for Women is No Longer Allowed in Europe

The European Court has decided that from the end of 2012 onwards, no distinction should be made between the sex of insured persons. As a result, European insurers will soon not be able to offer women cheaper car insurance. Dutch insurers have for some time not applied sex discrimination to motor insurance. However, the term life insurance for Dutch women will become more expensive.


Lower premium for women

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According to the Dutch Association of Insurers, there is nothing wrong with the premium difference between men and women when it comes to life insurance. “The fact that Dutch insurers make the distinction between men and women in life insurance is related to life expectancy. Women live a little longer than men. A lower premium is linked to this, “according to the Association.


No consequence for car insurance price for women

The Association therefore regrets the ruling of the European Court. “This ruling means that when determining their premiums, insurers are no longer allowed to take into account the sex of the insured. The ban has an impact on individual life insurance policies. ”The decision therefore has no direct consequences for what Dutch women now have to pay in monthly premiums for their car insurance.


European Court decision

No consequence for car insurance price for women

The European Court of Justice has ruled that from 21 December 2012 in the EU, insurers may no longer make a distinction based on gender on the basis of their premiums. The case was referred to the European Court of Justice by a Belgian judge, following an appeal by consumer organization Alexander Test-Aankoop and two private individuals.


Disappointment of European insurers

The European insurers, united in the CEA, have reacted disappointedly to the ruling of the Court: “The decision of the judges not to recognize that gender is a legitimate factor in determining the premium and that determining the price of an insurance is based a fair process of risk assessment is bad news for the insured, “said CEA chairman Rosa Kollier.